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The Show Me Stock Dog League Annual Meeting was called to order by President Art Irvin at 12:35 pm on December 3, 2016, at Larry Burch’s Farm in Butler, Missouri. There were 24 members in attendance.

No one expressed an interest in attending the meeting via conference call.

Since the minutes of the December 5, 2015, annual meeting were emailed to members last year, secretary Dotty Esher summarized the contents rather than reading them. A motion by Larry Burch to approve the minutes was seconded by Caryn Miller.

Bob Salmon reported that the financial audit had found to be in order. Dotty then gave the treasurer’s report.

The League bank balance on November 30, 2015, was $2,967.18 and on November 30, 2016, the balance was $3,234.11. There are 40 members of the League.

A motion by Larry to approve the treasurer’s report was seconded by Nicki Hall.

Old Business

A proposal was made at last year’s meeting to give a League membership to those under age 17. Since this would necessitate a Bylaws change, Art proposed the change and Shane Hall seconded. A vote unanimously approved the change.

New Business

2016 awards were presented:

Open Sheep: Roy Taber and York

Nursery Sheep: Roy Taber and Bel

Pro Novice Sheep: Robin Reasoner and Trim

Ranch Sheep: Justin Austin and Dan

Novice Sheep: Justin Austin and Dan

Art asked if there were nominations for 2017 officers. The position of Iowa representative had been vacant and Darwin Baker agreed to be the Iowa Rep.

2016 officers agreed to stand for re-election for the 2017 term.

A motion was made by Shane Hall to accept the slate, Jeanne Irvin seconded. A vote approved the slate.

President – Art Irvin

Vice President – Jerry Dunn

Secretary/Treasurer – Dotty Esher

Kansas Representative – Shane Hall

Arkansas Representative – Vacant

Nebraska Representative – Sheryl Day

Missouri Representative – Bob Putnam

Iowa Representative – Darwin Baker

Member at Large – Larry Moore

* A general discussion was held on whether in the future the League should provide a monogrammed jacket to the open sheep dog winner. Jeanne Irvin displayed a jacket designed by Judy Parker. After some debate, the idea was tabled for further discussion by the Board.

* Art discussed the 2016 State Fair trial. The fair donated plaques for class winners and caps were given to the high scoring members. The $600 trial profit was donated to the club. In addition to the trial, there were cattle herding demonstrations and a duck herding demo, all of which were enthusiastically enjoyed by the spectators.

There was a discussion on whether the League should continue the State Fair Trial and the consensus was that it should.

Larry Burch made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Jack Knox seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm.

Dotty Esher

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